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    Inspiring Growth VIP Clients:

    • Increase Revenues 
    • Leadership Confidence 
    • and Overall Joy

    "Not only has Mark P. Fisher inspired growth and confidence with me as a leader - but our revenues have increased 56%."


    - David Crouse, Angeles Crest, Executive Director


    Embed Mark and his team within your organization.


    Think of it as an outsourced Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Fundraising for half-the-cost.


    If you can't afford a seasoned, full-time Vice President or don't want to hire and train a newbie, Mark and his team will oversee your sales, marketing or fundraising efforts to increase your revenues.


    He brings a team of specialists to focus on your challenges. Web and graphic designers, killer sales copywriters, SEO, sales funnels, grant getters, Google adword specialist, and direct sales professionals all for less than half of what you would pay for one full-time, benefited employee.


    Available in 6 and 12 month engagements.


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    One-on-one with Mark P. Fisher


    Mark walks with you to inspire growth as a leader and top-line revenues.


    Your 56 page, personalized complimentary report ($250 value) uses DISC research and examines 3 key parts of your leadership: behaviors, motivators, and emotional quotient (EQ)


    Behaviors is what you bring to the job, the motivators are what drives you, and your emotional intelligence (EQ) shows how you connect the relational dots. This report blends all three sciences, combined with Mark P. Fisher 32-years of leadership development to inspire growth with you as a leader.


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