• “Mark achieves tangible results…”

    - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance


    “Mark is an inspirational catalyst…”

    - Jim Fletemeyer, CEO


      Most leaders struggle with growth:

      either too little or too much.


      Mark P. Fisher inspires growth with a personalized process to increase revenues, organizational leadership, and overall joy.




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    • Stats & Figures

      Mark is on a mission to inspire GROWTH in leaders and their companies.

      As a seasoned CEO with a 26-year track record of organizational turnarounds, brand innovation, exceeding revenue targets while delivering 99% customer satisfaction he understands what leaders need.

      One organization 

      grew 98.7%

      When they thought they had

      no room for growth


      grew 23%

      With a stunning

      customer satisfaction of 99%

      In 2016

      one client grew 61.9%

      In less than 1 year,

      in just 1 revenue stream

    • Why Reputation
      Is Priority One For Growth

      By Mark P. Fisher


      According to research, less than 1 out of 10 consumers will buy from you if your star rating is below 4.0.


      All marketing efforts will lead a consumer to learn more about a company.


      If a consumer discovers a less than 4.0 average rating, all your marketing efforts are driving away 83% of your market.


      However, research also shows a one-star increase in rating resulting in a 5% increase in sales.

    • A Top TripAdvisor Reviewer Talks About
      How Reviews Work, for Good and Bad

      Read Mark P. Fisher's back story and his future-predicting article about online reviews in Entrepreneur Magazine.

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    • Who's Talking About Growth

      {+} “Mark draws people into the future by the vision he casts…” - Bob Wood, CEO


      {+} "Sandy Cove grew amazingly under Mark's 8-year leadership." - Tom Boyer, President IR Tools


      {+} "Mark is like the person in a lighthouse. He sees the bigger picture of leadership while inspiring both personal and organizational growth. For us a 61% increase in revenues in 2016." - Greg Mengarelli, President.


      {+} “Mark is creative, innovative and passionate …” - Gregg Hunter, President


      {+} "Mark is a proven leader who truly cares for others and achieves tangible results through his own efforts and those he leads.” - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance


      {+} "Mark doubled our return at a news/talk radio station in Washington DC. - Rogers Kirven, Co-Owner


    • Who's Growing?

      Entertainment, Corporate, Hospitality and Causes...

      Entertainment Industry


      Mark is in the middle of a national campaign to promote Paramount Pictures upcoming movie, Same Kind of Different as Me. Based on the New York Times bestseller by the same name, it is the true story of a broken marriage that rediscovered love, trust and forgiveness by serving the homeless (Release: 10.20.17)

      Corporate Clients


      Mark has consulted for 126 different for-profit and non-profit organizations. In addition, he has provided market research (code for part of a team who gives feedback on advertising strategies prior to launching) for AT&T, Nissan, Red Lobster, Nestle, Speedstick, Office Depot and recently for Citi's Olympic ads featuring Gabby Douglas.


      Social Clients


      As a Social Entrepreneur, Mark cares deeply about various causes.

    • Growth Happens in Stages

      You choose: ala-carte or full engagement.


      Determine your company’s current stage of growth.


      By critically assessing a company’s past, present and future, the CEO gets focused on the right things at the right time. Identify the hidden agents—defined as 27 Challenges—that are impacting a company’s ability to grow, and develop a plan to solve those issues. Mark with guide you.

      Marketing without a Marketing Director

      Mark literally wrote the manual.


      If you can't afford a seasoned, full-time sales and marketing professional, or don't want to hire and train a newbie, Mark will serve as your Sales and Marketing Director to increase your revenues. He brings a team of specialists to focus on your challenges. Web and graphic designers, Killer sales copywriters, SEO and Google adword specialist, and direct sales professionals all for less than half of what you would pay for one full-time, benefited employee. Available in 6 and 12 month engagements.


      "A brand is what other say about you when you are not in the room." Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.


      Brands make a promise. What promise are you making?

      Mark looks under the hood. He seeks to find under-utilized or new opportunities for increased revenues. He assesses your brand, sales and marketing strategies. Then, Mark not only maps out a path toward greater GROWTH, but he works weekly with you and your team to make it actually happen.


      Examines Behaviors, Motivators, and Emotional Quotient (EQ)


      Behaviors individuals bring to the job, the motivators that drive them, and an understanding of their own emotional intelligence can create GROWTH. This report blends all three sciences together in an integrated section that will illustrate the impact Emotional Intelligence has on core behavioral styles as well as the top two motivators.


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    • "I am on a mission to inspire growth

      in leaders and their companies."

      - Mark P. Fisher

      Mark P. Fisher

      Chief Encourager

      Mark P. Fisher is a growth specialist. He led from the CEO chair for eight years before a major life-change launched his quest to inspire growth in others. Insatiably curious and a life-long learner, Mark has a knack for knowing the great questions that lead to growth. One of his writings was featured at Leading With Questions.


      He has led teams who have transformed wandering organizations into fun, focused, financially healthy and innovative cultures with 99% customer satisfaction. See a few results.


      Recently featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Mark is a social entrepreneur, marketing strategist, executive mentor, speaker, copywriter, storyteller and amateur travel writer and senior contributor with TripAdvisor.


      Mark is also the founder of PaineFisher Marketing LLC and author of self-published Marketing without a Marketing Director, Marketing Instincts, Vowels of Leadership and contributor to the New York Times best seller sequel: The Shack: Reflections for Every Day of the Year. In addition, he has spoken for hundreds of small and large venues including a fan thrill - pre-game chapel for the Washington Redskins.


      Mark is married to Lori, his 29-year partner in building an amazing family with three married adult children, another in college, one in high school and a sweet granddaughter who calls him Papa.

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