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    The Simple Reason Why CEO's Trust Inspiring Growth.




    Mark P. Fisher inspires growth with CEO’s by increasing revenues, organizational leadership, & overall joy.



    "Not only has Mark P. Fisher inspired growth with me as a leader - but our guest group revenues have increased 56%."

    - David Crouse, Angeles Crest, Executive Director




    “Mark P. Fisher achieves tangible results…”

    - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance




    "Last year we raised $73,000. This year Inspiring Growth helped us raise a jaw-dropping $1.2 million in a single day."

    - Mark Hunter, Director of Development, UGM Salem OR




    “Mark is an inspirational catalyst…”

    - Jim Fletemeyer, CEO


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      "Following Mark's advice - our camp grew 62% the first year." - Greg Mengarelli, CEO UCYC | Mayor Prescott, AZ

      "I inspire growth with camp directors by wildly increasing guest group revenues from 29 years of camp sales and marketing success."


      - Mark P. Fisher

      CEO | Inspiring Growth


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    • Growth Stats & Figures

      Mark is on a mission to inspire GROWTH with leaders and their brands.

      As a seasoned CEO with a 29-year track record of organizational turnarounds, brand innovation, exceeding revenue targets while delivering 99% customer satisfaction he understands what leaders need.

      Over the course of three years one client

      grew 82%

      In less than one year,

      in one revenue stream they grew 59%



      grew 98.7%

      When they thought they had

      no room for growth



      grew 23%

      With a stunning

      customer satisfaction of 99%

    • Imagine Growth Like These Leaders

      “Mark draws people into the future by the vision he casts…” - Bob Wood, CEO

      {+} "Sandy Cove experienced exponential growth under Mark's 8-year CEO leadership." - Tom Boyer, President IR Tools


      {+} "Mark is like the person in a lighthouse. He sees the bigger picture of leadership while inspiring both personal and organizational growth. For us a 61% increase in revenues." - Greg Mengarelli, President UCYC, Mayor Prescott, AZ


      {+} “Mark is creative, innovative and passionate …” - Gregg Hunter, President


      {+} "Mark is a proven leader who truly cares for others and achieves tangible results through his own efforts and those he leads.” - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance


      {+} "Mark doubled our return at a news/talk radio station in Washington DC. - Rogers Kirven, Co-Owner


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      If you are a President, CEO or Executive Director, see how Mark P. Fisher can inspire growth with you and your brand.

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