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Secrets Behind The Shack

An intimate conversation with Mark P. Fisher & author Wm. Paul Young

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Paul and Mark enjoying playful times at Woody's Crab 'Shack'.

While reading The Shack eight or nine years ago I was experiencing my own 'great sadness.' - Mark P. Fisher

Paul's story of The Shack gifted me with new language around suffering, goodness and pain.

Shortly thereafter, Paul accepted a crazy invitation to speak for a week at a family camp we led. It was during a beautiful sunset, somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay that Paul, my wife Lori and I began a life-giving friendship.

It is my privilege to share with you a recent conversation we had around the book becoming a movie and how his story resonates with those fighting addiction, suffering, pain and broken relationships.

Part 1: Who is author Wm. Paul Young?

Part 2 - Author Wm. Paul Young (Grace)

'How to stay inside the grace of today.'

'The value of being fully present with others.'

Part 3 - Author Wm. Paul Young (Prisons)

'The prison we live in.'

'The Shack of our own making.'

Part 4 - Author Wm. Paul Young (Secrets)

'We are only as sick as the secrets we keep.'

'Shame is the power that holds us in the prison of secrets.'

'We can not be healed from the which we hide.' - Brennan Manning'

Part 5 - Author Wm. Paul Young (Identity)

"When our world falls apart. - Surviving sexual abuse, an affair, low self esteem and spending 4 days of coming clean with his wife of all his secrets..

# Part 6 - Author Wm. Paul Young (Critics)

'Most Modern Evangelicals don’t know how to have a conversation when they are afraid.'

# Part 7 - Author Wm. Paul Young (Relationships)

'Questions are an invitation to relationships.'

About Mark P. Fisher & Inspiring Growth

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Life-giving response to those who hate, misunderstand or judge #TheShack.

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And to those in the church currently upset about it.