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History comes alive with story.

REVIEW: Valley Forge National Park - The Toss of a Coin...

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Ranger Tom explained in the shadow of the Valley Forge Casino the real gamble American colonists took.

by Mark P. Fisher

It's so easy to look back at the stories from history and think: 'oh yeah we won.' But as ranger Tom beautifully wove the story of gamble, risk, and reward together I found myself pulled back in time.


I was a bit curious when Ranger Tom pulled out a stack of coins with the image of Washington stamped on it. Distributing them to the six of us on the 1/4 mile walking tour he invited us to flip our coin. Three of us landed with tails the other three, heads. He smiled. He asked us to step 5 feet apart. A family was separated.

Making it real.

Ranger Tom pointed out how half of the colonists were for revolution while half were not. Families were divided just like the six of us on the hills of Valley Forge in 2015.

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This map shows the 'triangle of defense' Washington built. Had the fort at Valley Forge been attacked it could have become the 'triangle of death.'

I'll tell you. If history had been taught with story and tactile engagement like Ranger Tom, I think I would've been a better student.

Let's keep telling great stories.