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Can You Give & Grow When You Have a Physical Limitation?

by Mark P. Fisher

My friend was hit by a car while he was riding his bike. He lives his life from a wheelchair, but that hasn't stopped him from giving or growing.

Leadership took it's toll on me.

5 surgeries later a doctor (who tried to block my chronic stomach pain) accidentally cut a blood vessel in my spine.

I temporarily lost all feeling from my waist down.

That was 2013.

Thank God, a skilled neurosurgeon, and a bunch of friends, family, counselors, physical and aqua therapists, pain recovery specialists, chronic pain anonymous and my new clients - I can give and grow again.

And then there is Yitzil.

Before his ALS diagnoses he wrote this inspiring song.

Is there a little light in you that you can shine?


Be inspired.

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Behind the Song is a beautiful story.

This man sees things differently.