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A Little LUV from Southwest Air

An inspiring note from my favorite airline.

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As a regular on Southwest I have come to appreciate the fun-LUVing culture. But today I received an email that locked me down as a raving fan.

Southwest Airline showed me why blameSHIFTing is so NOT part of the LUV...

Our flight was delayed by 3-hours. 

The reason: weather in Phly. 

Certainly not SWA's fault. 

So, imagine my surprise when I read how they were sorry and to show it, they would deposit 1,500 Rapid Reward points in my account. 

It's not a BIG deal, but it shows HEART. 

Awareness. Care. Action.

BTW: LUV is the NY Exchange ticker sign for Southwest, but today, it's another tangible way they show their LUV to their customers.

What have you done to show you are above blaming others for issues?

What have you done to say to your customers:

  • You matter.
  • We care about you.
  • We're sorry for inconveniencing you.
  • Here's a token of our appreciation.

Need some inspiration?

Here is the short, simple note that made my day...and caused me to do what companies pay millions a year in advertising to do...share a GOOD experience on my social media.

Dear Mark,

Your travels were recently delayed on 03/26/2015, during your Southwest Airlines® flight to Philadelphia, PA. We apologize for the inconvenience you encountered. Please accept our one-time gesture of 1,500 Rapid Rewards® Points that will be deposited into your account within seven days. Visit to view your points balance.

We're extending this select token to you because we simply didn't deliver the ontime service that you, our loyal Customer, know and expect.

Your business is truly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you onboard again soon.

- Your friends at Southwest Airlines