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    Do You Struggle With Sustainable Growth?


    Mark P. Fisher inspires growth with leaders through a 6-step, personalized process to increase revenues, organizational leadership, and overall joy.



    “Mark P. Fisher achieves tangible results…”

    - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance


    "Inspiring Growth helped us raise a jaw-dropping $1.2 million in a single day."

    - Mark Hunter, Director of Development, UGM Salem OR


    "Not only has Mark P. Fisher inspired growth with me as a leader - but our revenues have increased 47% over two years."

    - David Crouse, Executive Director


    “Mark is an inspirational catalyst…”

    - Jim Fletemeyer, CEO



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      Great Question

      Want to Discover How CURIOSITY Improves Leadership and Revenues?


      Author,  and my personal leading with questions coach - Bob Tiede's new book is full of inspiring stories and questions to jumpstart your curiosity journey.


      Now That’s a Great Question offers you questions for a variety of leadership and life scenarios from some of the great leaders of our time.



      FREE - Inspiring Growth Leadership Report

      For President, CEO or

      Executive Director ONLY


      Your 50+ page, personalized report uses DISC research and examines three key parts of your leadership:


      Behaviors is what you bring to the job, the motivators are what drives you, and your emotional intelligence (EQ) shows how you connect the relational dots. This report blends all three sciences.



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    • Growth Stats & Figures

      Mark is on a mission to inspire GROWTH with leaders and their brands.

      As a seasoned CEO with a 26-year track record of organizational turnarounds, brand innovation, exceeding revenue targets while delivering 99% customer satisfaction he understands what leaders need.

      Over the course of three years one client

      grew 82%

      In less than one year,

      in one revenue stream they grew 59%



      grew 98.7%

      When they thought they had

      no room for growth



      grew 23%

      With a stunning

      customer satisfaction of 99%

    • Imagine Growth Like These Leaders

      “Mark draws people into the future by the vision he casts…” - Bob Wood, CEO

      {+} "Sandy Cove experienced exponential growth under Mark's 8-year CEO leadership." - Tom Boyer, President IR Tools


      {+} "Mark is like the person in a lighthouse. He sees the bigger picture of leadership while inspiring both personal and organizational growth. For us a 61% increase in revenues." - Greg Mengarelli, President UCYC, Mayor Prescott, AZ


      {+} “Mark is creative, innovative and passionate …” - Gregg Hunter, President


      {+} "Mark is a proven leader who truly cares for others and achieves tangible results through his own efforts and those he leads.” - Todd Metzler, DuPont Corporate Finance


      {+} "Mark doubled our return at a news/talk radio station in Washington DC. - Rogers Kirven, Co-Owner


    • Ready to Begin?

      If you are a President, CEO or Executive Director, see how Mark P. Fisher can inspire growth with you and your brand.

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