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How we saved $24,960 in healthcare costs in 2017...

...and how you can too in 2018.

· Mark P Fisher,Inspiring Growth,Healthcare

How we saved $24,600 in healthcare costs in 2017 - and how you can too in 2018


If we had ‘insurance’ for our family of 4 under Care First (Affordable Health Care)

- Premiums: $1500 mo / $18,000

- Deductible: $13,500

- Total out of pocket: $31,500


Samaritan’s Ministry Health Sharing

$6,300 monthly gifts (code for premium) to fellow Christ-followers to pay their medical bills

Deductible: $300

Total out of pocket was only: $6,900


In 2017 I had one hospitalization.

The cost? $28,000

Negotiated self-pay rate: $7,800.

What? There are two rates?

IF we were on ‘insurance’ I would have been billed $28,000. Thus, paying the $13,500 deductible plus $18,000 in premiums.

Out of pocket? $31,500!

Frankly, the idea of depending on fellow Christ-followers who I don’t know - felt weird, kinda cheesy and a bit scary. Then I thought: I don’t know the insurance company at all. Let’s try this.

Making the switch helped us become informed consumer’s, even though we had to do a little more work.

Why am I telling you this?

Two reasons. Help you save money.

Samaritan offers us a $150 reduction if you sign up and mention Mark & Lori Fishers as your referral. ;-)

Regardless -

From our experience, it was amazing and affirming to get checks and notes of encouragement from ‘strangers’ after a difficult hospitalization to pay our whole bill! Rather than fighting with insurance to get paid or approved for a procedure.